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Micro & Macro Optics

optical sapphire

PST grows, grinds and polishes a variety of synthetic sapphire optical parts. Synthetic sapphire is the ideal optical material for applications where a broad spectrum of light transmission and high optical clarity is required. Synthetic corundum's colorless characteristics make it a superior optical material compared to any standard glass. Synthetic sapphire has up to a 86.5% transmission and a transmission window from 180 nanometers in the UV to 5.5 microns in the IR. more…

Windows, Wafers & Flat Stock

Sapphire Window

Synthetic sapphire parts: windows, wafers and flats are one of the hardest and most scratch resistant components available; far more durable than any type of glass. Synthetic sapphire's high modulus of elasticity and high tensile strength make it extremely durable and impact resistant, second only to diamond in mechanical and wear resistant properties. more…

Tubes, Rods, Spheres & Special Shapes

sapphire polished

Unusual synthetic sapphire shapes are one of PST's areas of expertise. PST grows synthetic sapphire into a variety of shapes such as: domes, tubes, ribbons and shells. The Stepanov synthetic sapphire near net growth method allows shapes to be formed with minimal or no grinding; a sapphire components cost and time saving benefit.more…

Specialty Parts: Sight Windows, Sight Glasses, Viewports

Sight Sapphire Windows and Sight Glasses
Specialty Sapphire Windows

PST can supply standard and custom designed sight windows, high pressure viewports and vacuum windows. Proprietary methods are used to seal and fuse glass, sapphire, fused silica and other exotic window materials to threaded and flanged metal and ceramic housings.

Sight Window Materials:

  • Sapphire
  • Soda Lime & Borosilicate (Pyrex™)
  • Fused silica & Fused quartz
  • Exotic window materials: ZnSe, CaF, ZnS, MgF2, YAG more…

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