Sapphire Windows, Wafers & Flat Stock

sapphire windows

Sapphire windows, wafers and flats are one of the hardest and most scratch resistant products available; far more durable than any type of glass. Synthetic sapphire's high modulus of elasticity and high tensile strength make it extremely durable and impact resistant, second only to diamond in mechanical and wear resistant properties.

Sapphire windows and wafers transmit more into the infrared and ultraviolet range than standard glass windows. In addition, sapphire windows and wafers are more temperature and chemical resistant than any other transparent (and most non-transparent) materials. Sapphire is also a great thermal conductor and a superior dielectric material with a high dielectric constant and low loss tangent.

Applications of Sapphire Windows, Wafers & Flat Stock

sapphire window with holes
sapphire optical windows

Some of PST's Sapphire Products:

  • Sapphire windows — for scanner windows, high pressure systems, high vacuum systems, infrared surveillance systems & plasma systems
  • Sapphire shields — furnace & plasma systems
  • Sapphire sheet & flat stock — for display windows, cell phone windows, PDA windows & watch covers (watch glasses)
  • Sapphire wafers — for semiconductor & LED fabrication
  • Sapphire safety & blast shields — for explosive, military & hostile environments
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