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Sapphire Micro Optics & Macro Optics

custom sapphire micro optics

PST grows, grinds and polishes a variety of synthetic sapphire optical parts. Synthetic sapphire is the ideal optical material for applications where a broad spectrum of light transmission and high optical clarity is required. Synthetic sapphire's colorless characteristics make it a superior optical material compared to any standard glass. Synthetic sapphire has up to a 86.5% transmission and a transmission window from 180 nanometers in the UV to 5.5 microns in the IR.

PST has the technology to produce synthetic sapphire micro and miniature optics as small as less than 1mm up to sapphire macro optics of 200 mm. PST's parts can be grown in C-axis, A-plane, R-plane, random and custom orientation and are available as grown, ground and polished.

Some of PST's Synthetic Sapphire Optics:

grand sapphire window
Sapphire window with diameter >250 mm
Sapphire micro tubes, balloons, fibers
Micro tubes with closed ends and thin rods (fibers)
large polished sapphire windows
Large double-side polished sapphire windows
sapphire lens, weges
Sapphire lens & sapphire wedges
sapphire micro windows
Sapphire micro windows
big size sapphire windows
Big size sapphire window, both sides polished

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